Zippo Outdoor Line Handwarmer (Silver, 10.25 x 6.50 x 3.50)The Zippo Hands Warmer is a perfect accessory to overcome the chill, no subject what your out of doors activity. Warm your palms while camping, fishing, hiking, and hunting. The Side Hotter is excellent for football games, from tailgating via final whistle. Warm up during wintertime sport activities: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and ice hockey. Place the Palm Hotter to do the job on the work: forestry service, development, or just about any out of doors occupation. Involves claws warmer, hotter bag, and filling cup.

Created for winter season warriors, the Zippo Side Hotter capabilities a sleek and compact design, and suits effortlessly into pockets, gloves and pants without having the bulk of other warmers.

The Hands Hotter uses Zippo premium lighter fluid to produce more than 10 occasions the warmth as regular versions and lasts for up to 12 hrs. Plus, it comes with a 1-yr ensure, producing the Zippo Palm Hotter a excellent match for any outdoors enthusiast. Just add lighter fluid to make it function. Fluid not includ (more…)

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