Petzl Trac PulleyDouble pulley for cable or rope tyroleans with integral VERTIGO carabiner. Sealed ball bearings for speed and to give frequent efficiency independent of the excess weight of the individual, the temperature or the humidity. Sheaves are aligned to guarantee stability in movement and to minimize friction. Breaking load 20 kN. Functioning load 2 kN. (more…)

Tandem PulleyThe Petzl Tamdem is a double pulley for Tyrolean traverses on rope. Product Functions: Aluminum sheaves mounted on self-lubricating bushings for efficiency Accepts up to 3 carabiners to facilitate use For use with ropes of optimum diameter thirteen mm Sheave diameter: 21 mm Effectiveness: seventy one % Functioning load: 10 kN P21 , PETZL TANDEM PULLEY , PETZL , TANDEM PULLEY , zipline , tyrolean traverse (more…)

Tandem Speed Pulley by Petzl217984 Capabilities: Stainless steel sheaves for outstanding sturdiness Sheaves mounted on sealed ball bearings for sustained speed, independent of the bodyweight of the individual, temperature, or humidity Optimum allowable rate: 20 m-s Attachment point accepts up to three carabiners to facilitate use For use on cable (optimum diameter of 12 mm) and on rope (highest diameter of thirteen mm) Specs: Excess weight: 95 ounces Operating load: ten kN Breaking power: 24 kN (more…)