Bringing out the VPX Lithium-Ion Battery SystemBlack & Decker\\\’s superior, effective VPX process guarantees the comfort of a rechargeable battery with optimum versatility. At the middle of the VPX technique is the seven-volt high-electricity VPX rechargeable battery, which features breakthrough lithium-ion technology to produce much more strength in a smaller package deal. The conclude consequence is a battery that\\\’s super-compact and 60-% lighter than Black & Decker\\\’s Ni-Cad strength instrument batteries. And the VPX holds a cost longer, too — so it is really prepared to perform whenever you are. With its versatile style and Black & Decker unique technologies, a VPX battery is interchangeable with all the goods in Black & Decker\\\’s developing VPX line. Swap out one battery for the flashlight, inflator, screwdriver, USB ability source, reduce noticed, or seven-volt drill driver; or double the juice with two batteries to run the 14-volt drill driver or the hand vac. And of program, every single VXP battery and compatible (more…)

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